Proposed Hospital at Neemrana Dist-Alwar(Rajasthan) of Pawa Group

About PAWA:

Pawa group of companies is a multidisciplinary group having interests in real estate development, hotels, car dealership, infrastructure development etc .The group now wants to diversify in health care. For this purpose the group has acquired a piece of land in Neemrana distt.Alwar, Rajasthan.

The site:

The site is located on main Delhi Jaipur highway with a buffer of green strip in between. Residential development of different hierarchy is coming up in the close opportunity of the site. To universities namely NIIT & Raffels both from Singapore also coming up near the site. The famous tourist resort Neemrana fort is located at about 2 KM from the site. Arawali hills form the backdrop of the site.

PAWA Healthcare Vision:

The aim of Pawa Group is to construct a state of the art Hospital on this site which can provide holistic treatment to the population of the catchment area. To achieve this purpose the Hospital has to be multi –specialty.

Along with the hospital an old age home/Rejuvenation Center/Wellness Center can be planned where people can come and stay for extended period and get treated for some chronic deceases by specialized treatments. Such treatments can be of different systems like Naturopathy, Ayurveda or some other therapies. The unique location of the site on one of the most traveled highways which is part of golden triangle from tourism point of view offers such an alternative and may give rise to medical tourism.

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About Us

At Pawa, we build, construct and develop new worlds with bricks, stones and human endeavour. Worlds, where a seamless harmony of form & function runs like a motif. Worlds, where the architectural grammar is epitomized like a celebrated triumph. Worlds, where the building blocks are our excellence, achieved over the years. Worlds you'll love to admire, cherish & possess.


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